Jiaxing Haitang Electronics Cat8 Network solution won the Authoritative Certification of Germany

March 22 00:09 2017

Jiaxing Haitang Electronics Co., Ltd, an international high-end Lan cable manufacturer, pioneered CAT8.2 cable in 2015, and launched a full range of CAT8.2 eight classes all channel solution in 2016 through more than a year of development, including CAT8.2 installation cable, CAT8.2 patch cord and CAT8.2 connection module. 

It independently developed the full range of products, and has proprietary intellectual property rights (patent No. CN204926847U and CN205355423U respectively).

CAT8.2 is currently the highest standard of Lan cable all over the world. Few manufacturers around the world. At present, Haitang Electronics is the only company that is able to produce the complete channel and get international certification for all products. Jiaxing Haitang Electronics embodies the spirit of craftsman of high-grade, precision and advanced products, and makes constant innovation and breakthrough in this field. Presently, it has become the industry leader, leading the industry technology development direction.

It took six months for Germany’s most authoritative network communication lab GHMT gave the certification after receiving the certification samples of Jiaxing Haitang Electronics Co., LTD. GHMT surprised because at Haitang Electronics developed so rapidly in the filed (even surpassed the R&D progress of German and American companies in the field), and solved the technical problems that plagued the industry development (return loss had no peak within the scope of laboratory testing capacity limit 2500MHZ).


Technical difficulty and bottleneck in the entire industry are as follows: impedance and return loss will go beyond standard peak within the range of 2000MHZ required by CAT8, so most vendors will appear in 1200~1300MHZ. Jiaxing Haitang Electronics Co., LTD., has solved the problem, and extended the frequency to 2500MHZ. 

GHMT was very surprised and admired because it was the only one company that made it in the world. GHMT gave the certification, and quickly sent experts to Haitang Electronics for communication and learning.


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